Why Indian Cooking is Not Friendly to Catherines

…Aside from the fact that I am not good at it, and therefore it takes me ages, and we wind up having dinner at quarter to ten on a Sunday night, quoth she, hungrily.

It’s two things, really.  Well, three, if you count the fact that I am a wuss about spices, but that’s the whole point of making my own, you see – I can get those gorgeous flavours at a heat level that I can cope with.

The trouble is that I’m a klutz.  It’s pretty rare for my hands not to have cuts or burns or scald marks or places where I’ve grated myself.  Often, I have several of these adornments simultaneously!  Which I’ve pretty much resigned myself to, incidentally, so that’s not the problem.

The problem is that most of the Indian food that I have encountered uses at least two of fresh ginger, fresh garlic and fresh chilli.  And being the aforementioned klutz that I am, it’s only a matter of time before I have rubbed ginger, garlic and chilli into my cuts, burns, and scrapes.  And, very often, my eyes and nose, even though I know better.  If I’m doing really well, I will then go one better and rub salt into them too.

There’s a reason people talk about rubbing salt into wounds…


(Still, at least this time I’m not making a lemon drink to go with it, thus giving myself a fine opportunity to squeeze lemon juice all over myself as well.  One should always look on the bright side in these situations…)

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6 responses to “Why Indian Cooking is Not Friendly to Catherines

  1. lensaddiction

    Try raw lime juice on hands covered in papercuts!

  2. If you use enough, all three of the problem spices can be bought crushed (not dried). I love the big Indian jars of garlic and chilli…..

    • This is true, though I’ve found they often taste rather vinegary, or of another preservative.

      (And apparently, I’d rather suffer pain than eat garlic or ginger or chilli that isn’t *proper* garlic or ginger or chilli…)

  3. Oh Cate! *laughs sympathetically* No pain, no gain?!

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