I have created three new pages on this blog!

  • Breakfasts – now that I have two whole recipes that really don’t fit well anywhere else, and several more that do sort of belong here, they get a special page to celebrate their morning fabulousness!
  • Vegetarian – really and truly, the overwhelming majority of recipes on this site are vegetarian.  But apparently, more orderly minds than mine find the lack of a vegetarian recipe index distressing (or perhaps just untidy).  They may now rest assured that there is tidiness.  And an index of my vegetarian recipes.
  • Disclosure Policy – this is one of those things that grown-ups are supposed to put on their blog pages.  I’m not a very convincing grown-up, but occasionally I masquerade as one, so…

In addition, I’ve made a couple of rearrangements.  There is now a brief (ha, like I’m ever brief) introduction to the blog on the right hand sidebar of this site, and instead of having a standard blog-roll, the list of blogs I love now links to their most recent post.  This seems like much more fun, at least to me.

Oh, and all the recipe indexes (indices?) are now up to date.  Until I write the next one, that is…

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