Timon: Quick foodie preview

So very tired this evening – I’ve got all my photos onto the computer, but given my current, somewhat incoherent, state, I’m not even going to attempt a proper write-up now.

Just as a little tease, though, here’s my menu from today:


Bread: pita bread, olive bread (by Elise)

Dips: Tzatkiki, Melitzanosalata, Skordalia, spicy feta

Veg: Tomato and oregano salad, cucumber, lemon and mint salad, marinated peppers,  olives

Hot things:  cheese cigars, spinach triangles, chickpea balls, tomato fritters


Tiny dried figs

Turkish Delight (Greek, in this case)

Rocky Road

Baklava (which caused a riot when brought to the table)

Greek Honey cakes

Semolina Halva

Rock cakes


There was enough food.

And there was *definitely* enough sugar.

And I make a very good baklava, if I say so myself.

And so to bed.

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