Three-day menu for a sick week

Whee! I am still coughing like Mimi and wanting to sleep 18 hours a day like the cats, but I am also doped up to the gills on antibiotics and codeine syrup, which means that I’m also feeling alarmingly happy.  Apparently, I have the sort of brain chemistry that just *loves* opiates.

Since I’m also feeling exceptionally happy and clever about my food cunning while sick, I am going to share my menu with you…

(It’s not vegetarian.  Sorry.  But I had this lovely, free-range chicken, you see…)

Monday evening – Roast chicken, roast vegetables, baked apples for dessert.  Tip: Make far too much of everything.  You could do the chicken in the slow cooker, if you liked, which would allow you to start it earlier in the day if you were up to it, and then just do the veggies as you were ready for them.

Preparation time: about 15 minutes, but one can take breaks if standing up takes too long, and one can also have a nice lie-down while everything is cooking.

Post-dinner prep: stripping the chicken and mix with mayonnaise (another 15 minutes), making stock (an hour of nap time)

Tuesday – breakfast: leftover baked apples with yoghurt.  Lunch: chicken sandwiches (bread, smashed avocado instead of butter, chicken in mayo.  Dinner: warm roast vegetables made into a salad with wholemeal pearl couscous, parsley, lemon juice, oil.  Felafel from the farmers’ market.

Preparation time: five minutes for the sandwiches, and I have enough to last us until Thursday.  5-10 minutes active cooking time for dinner, boiling the couscous and heating the felafels and veg.

Wednesday – same breakfast and lunch.  Dinner: broccoli soup, made with chicken stock and potatoes to thicken.

Preparation time: the broccoli from the farmers market is the sprouting kind, so I don’t even need to chop it really.  Five minutes prep, twenty minutes to cook, then into a blender.  Toasted cheese sandwiches can be delegated to Andrew.  Actually, so could the soup, but I suspect he’d feel less confident about that.

Thursday – this is beyond my planning stages, but I’ll note that lunch is already covered and I will undoubtedly still have some broccoli soup left.  However, I intend to be much healthier than Thursday and thus able to make more things from scratch.  I may wind up making a risotto with the rest of the stock.  We shall see.

PS – I apologise, incidentally, for the fact that I still haven’t done anything about my fructose page.  I’ve really been too sick to contemplate things that actually require my brain, and going through all my recipes to check for fructose-containing ingredients is definitely something that requires my brain…

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