This is Not My Fault

I was going to stop with the slices, I truly, truly was, but then someone sent around an email this afternoon saying that she couldn’t bring cake for tomorrow’s Admin meeting, and asking if anyone could fill in for her.  Really, what could I do?

This, apparently.

Of course, a normal person might have stopped at one sort of slice.  But then, I’ve never claimed to be normal.

Or even stopped at two kinds of slice…

Also, sparkly coloured sugar!  This meeting is going to be very cheerful, because we will all be hyped up on sugar and food colouring.  I’m sure this will enhance our productivity no end…

Sparkly! And pink! Also, this is basically a honeyjoy with bonus glacé cherries, gratuitous pink icing, and coloured sugar. My inner child has never been so happy, ever, ever, EVER.

Of course, now it’s nearly 11pm, largely because in between making too much slice, I’ve been having a Masterchef Mini Marathon, so once again, I’m going to be totally sleep-deprived at work tomorrow. But it’s totally worth it. (I’ll post the recipe for honeyjoy slice in a day or two, when I’m less exhausted)


This time last year…

… hasn’t changed much since this morning, actually, but since it’s nearly midnight, I’ll skip ahead by a day…

Kitchen chemistry again

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