This is not a glacier

Hello!  This blog post is a message from the past – a time-travelling blog post, if you will.  As you read this post, if all is going according to plan, I will be on a train on my way to Folgefonna Glacier in Norway.  Or possibly already on the glacier.  The aim is to go hiking, ideally without breaking my neck.  Since I am a total klutz, and glaciers are slippery, there is no guarantee that I will succeed.  Please keep your fingers crossed for me!

Anyway, to celebrate my close encounter of the cold kind, I thought I would launch a new page for my blog today.  Welcome to my Raw Food page!

(See what I did there?  Cold food to go with my cold journey…)

As you will see, it’s not the longest page on this blog, but I hope to give it more fodder soon, so that it can be a go-to page for food that doesn’t require switching on the stove or the oven.  Which, given that I am writing this in a middle of a Melbourne winter and will be posting this while I am on (or possibly under, but let’s hope not) a glacier, is possibly a little ironic.  Like rain on your wedding day, only with actual irony.

I hope you are all well, and I will try to post some photos of my travels soon.

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