This is not a blog post

O my readers, I have failed you!

You see, I was going to write a post about bread and butter pudding made with leftover sourdough fruit bread and apples, only then it came out of the oven tasting fabulous but looking like scrambled eggs, and I couldn’t quite bring myself to share that recipe.

And then I made the mistake of looking into the pantry and discovered that some of the things in the pantry were looking back at me, a sign that it is time for the Quinquennial Pantry Reorganisation.  So much for my evenings this week (I have a big pantry).On the bright side, investigations to date suggest that I am now in possession of every possible kind of flour except Teff flour (which I kind of want for my gluten-free bread making experiments), a remarkable variety and quantity of legumes and whole grains ranging from black rice to freekeh, by way of four separate containers full of dried chickpeas (note to self: stop buying chickpeas and then hiding them in the back of the pantry), and so much cocoa, almond meal and brown sugar that some sort of chocolate cake is becoming almost inevitable.  Maybe that can be my reward for a tidy and moth-free pantry?Anyway.  I do have a Market post half-written from my exploration of Coburg market last weekend, but it’s not really fair just to show you pictures of vegetables and pasta and stuff all the time and never give you recipes.  So instead, I’m going to link to six recipes whose existence has made me happy  this week.1. Broccoli and Pomegranate Salad, from the Green Kitchen.  I’ve made this twice in the last fortnight, and I have broccoli and pomegranates in the house right now, so odds are it’s going to be appearing on the menu again soon…2. Vegan Dark Chocolates with Lavender Cream Filling, by Kari of Bite-Sized Thoughts.  Do I even need to justify these?  They are so clearly a world of wonderful.3. Yellow and Purple Moroccan Carrot Salad, by Lisa the Gourmet Wog (I do love that blog name, too).  Yellow and purple carrots!  What more need I say?4. Pasta with Cauliflower Pesto from the Smitten Kitchen Cookbook.  We had this for dinner tonight, with black squid ink linguine.  Not very vegetarian, but it really did look stunning, and it tasted phenomenal.5. Lemon Drizzle Cake by Frugal Feeding.  I love his cakes – they always have that pleasing afternoon-tea-ishness that isn’t too sweet or rich but is just perfectly cakely satisfying.  And there’s just something about a good lemon cake that makes me happy.  Also – it uses ground almonds!  Admittedly, not as many as I currently have, but it’s a start!6. ANZAC Cake by the Intolerant Chef.  Turning the classic ANZAC biscuit into a cake.  I can’t imagine any way in which this couldn’t be gorgeous.Enjoy!

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2 comments for “This is not a blog post

  1. April 29, 2013 at 11:02 pm

    I’d still love your bread and butter pudding recipe, even if it didn’t turn out quite the way you wanted it to. Its the taste that matters and sometimes the ugliest dishes are the most delicious!! Thanks for the link back to my purple and yellow carrot recipe! xx

    • Catherine
      April 29, 2013 at 11:22 pm

      Well, I’ve written down all the quantities, so I’m hoping to try it again in a few weeks and see if a bain marie solves the scrambled egg problem (I think the pudding was within inches of actually tasting like eggs, and I don’t like sharing a recipe that has so little leeway between success and disaster… a bit of room for error is best…).

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