The story so far…

Mostly in pictures, but also a public service announcement: it turns out that there is a very good reason why it’s well-nigh impossible to find a recipe for crystallised orange flowers.  Turns out they look and smell absolutely wonderful for about three hours, then they start looking dried up and sad, and by morning, you have a very good start on orange-flower syrup.  On the plus side, the kitchen smells wonderful.  On the minus side… they are definitely no longer decorative.

Fortunately, my garden also has those very old-fashioned roses that look like the heraldic kind – five open petals in pink shading to white.  So far, they seem to crystallise rather well (but I’m keeping my fingers crossed).

To be honest, I’m most worried about my mini-meringue towers.  I re-did the chocolate meringues this evening, but they were a dire failure.  I may try them again in the morning…  On the bright side, my cake wrappers are so pretty that just about anything I do is going to look good.

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  1. All of this delicious gorgeousness on top of an ad titled “Diabetes – How to manage your blood sugar” How apt!


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