The Great Confectionery Sale Begins!

singleI’m experimenting a bit with flavours this year (inspired by Josephine, in fact), which is why this post is a bit later than usual, and also a bit shorter!  But since I already have a dining table full of pectin jellies, it’s clearly time to start spruiking my wares! This year I have the following offerings:

1. Citrus – Blood orange, Lemon, and Grapefruit (a mixture of pink and yellow) – $12

2. Luxury fruit – Raspberry, Passionfruit and Lime (a little pricier because the fruit itself is more expensive *and* much more fiddly to work with) – $15

3. Flavours from the garden – Seville Orange with Rosemary, Lemon with Lavender, and Raspberry with a very subtle hint of mint (it’s very subtle, and mostly makes the raspberry taste very fresh and less jam-like than the standard raspberry pectin jellies).  Once the raspberry and mint batch is sold out, it will be replaced by Raspberry with Rosewater, because subtlety is all very well, but it’s not what I do! – $12

All my pectin jellies are gluten-free, nut-free and vegan, but are made in a kitchen that does contain dairy, gluten, nuts and other allergens.  While every effort is made to keep the jellies well away from any contaminants, there is the possibility that traces of these allergens may be present.

In addition to pectin jellies, I am hoping to do vegan caramels this year, however this will be dependent on my caramel wrappers arriving from the USA on time.  I will put up another post if and when the caramels come on the market.  The caramels may or may not be nut or gluten-free, depending on which non-dairy milks are used.

If the caramels don’t work out, I will offer a fourth set of pectin jelly flavours.packet

Ordering Your Confectionery

Please send me an email (17catherines at gmail dot com) to place an order for confectionery.  I will confirm all orders by email within 24 hours (unless it’s a weekend, in which case I am probably singing Christmas carols and not checking my email), so if you don’t hear back from me, please contact me again.

I will be accepting orders up until Sunday, December 15th, and will aim for delivery by December 20th (unless you are someone I regularly see at choir, or expect to see between the 20th and the 23rd, and this is OK with you).  I will not be making any more confectionery after I have filled the orders up until the 15th, but if you are desperate, I may well be able to accommodate you with jellies remaining from previous batches.  The orders never seem to work out neatly at exactly the number of jellies I get from a batch…

I am willing to send jellies by mail, but you will have to pay the postage charges.  Contact me, and we’ll work it out.

Let the sugar deluge begin!


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