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Eating out: Sabas Lebanese Restaurant

We met up with Andrew’s parents for lunch today.  They live in Glen Waverley, which is not terribly close to Coburg, and given Andrew’s current homework load, and my current tiredness load, I suggested meeting somewhere between the two suburbs to save everyone driving and cooking time.  Ivanhoe looked like a good compromise location, so I went a-Googling and suggested Sabas.

I haven’t eaten Lebanese food in years.  We used to go out for Lebanese reasonably often when I was little, but when we moved to Adelaide there was a distinct lack of Lebanese restaurants, so we’d go Greek instead.  The part of Coburg I now live in is known as Little Turkey for its very large Turkish population and commensurate number of Turkish restaurants, and there’s a somewhat dodgy Greek place on our corner, but not a Lebanese restaurant in sight.  So I was pretty excited at going back to my childhood in this way!  And also at going to a new restaurant, something we don’t do very often.

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