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Recipe: Upside-Down Plum and Walnut Cake, with Cardamom

It’s January in Australia, and you would be within your rights to expect that the weather would be swelteringly, painfully hot and sticky.  But you’d be wrong, because this is Melbourne we’re talking about, so it’s cool and drizzly, and pretty much the perfect weather for staying inside with a book.  Or several books.   Like the ones I accidentally bought when I went looking for calendars today.

But that really wasn’t my fault.  I mean, nobody could seriously expect me to pass up a book about Richard III and finding his grave.  Or Gail Carriger’s newest YA offering, Curtsey and Conspiracies.  And really, if you had just discovered that Joan Aiken wrote Jane Austen fanfic, wouldn’t you be heading straight for the nearest bookshop to find out exactly what it was like?  (Very good, as it turns out – she has the voice down just about perfectly, and while I found that it did have a certain amount of Victorian sensibility and wish fulfilment, Aiken definitely wasn’t taking liberties with the characters.)  And I may possibly have bought a cookbook, too.  I have no self-control when it comes to bookshops.

(You will note that actual calendars are conspicuously missing from this list.  There’s a reason for that.)

But I digress.  And also spend a lot of money in bookshops.

Do you know what’s really great about this weather, though?  It’s summer, so all the most beautiful stone fruits are in season, but it’s cold, so you can bake with them.  And baked, stewed, roasted and caramelised stone fruits are one of the great joys of life.  I am a very happy Catherine right now.

I am also a Catherine who has been baking upside-down plum cake, and this is a kind of weird cake for me, because I love plums, and in fact I grew up with a plum tree in the back yard, so stewed plums are a bit of an emblem of summer for me, but I really hate walnuts, and especially walnut cakes.  So when I started making up this cake, it was going to be an almondy sort of cake, but some part of my cooking-self was *positive* and *certain* and really *very sure* that plum cake required walnuts, not almonds, and in the end I had to obey.  I couldn’t quite bring myself to make it all with walnut meal, so I went half and half.

In retrospect, I think it might actually have been better with all walnuts, which is sort of unnatural, really, but true nonetheless.  The walnuts have an earthiness that goes well with the plums.  But I have no idea how my cooking-self figured that out, frankly.  And I’m still deeply suspicious of the whole idea.

It’s a good cake, though.  Nice and afternoon tea-ish, and it should keep for several days, assuming it lasts long enough to do so.  And it is really perfect for a Melbourne summer.

Look at me with my arty photo composition!

Look at me with my arty photo composition!

Your Shopping List

9 plums
10 g butter
3 tbsp vanilla sugar
75 g walnuts
75 g almonds (or more walnuts)
175 g caster sugar
200 g self-raising flour
1 tsp bicarb of soda
1/2 tsp cardamom
pinch of salt
2 eggs
150 ml olive oil
250 g Greek Yoghurt

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Recipe: Plum Crumble with ANZAC tendencies

This recipe came out of a happy conjunction of two things.  The first was the presence of black plums at the Farmers’ Market today, just crying out to be stewed and eaten with love and nostalgia.  The second was, of course, my pantry challenge which has left me completely out of white flour, golden syrup or almond meal, all of which are staples of my various usual crumble toppings (not all together, you understand, but if I can’t do my almondy crumble, I do my golden syrupy one).

I could, I suppose, have been all healthy and used wholemeal flour (something that you will note I’ve managed to totally avoid using during this challenge to date), but I was thinking about my lack of golden syrup and my mind naturally fell to ANZAC biscuits and their coconut-ish flavour.  I could mimic golden syrup somewhat with brown sugar, and of course, I’m still possessed of quite a bit of coconut flour…

The combination was rather divine, actually.  Two childhood treats that go so well together!  But the best part of this whole recipe, I have to tell you, is the *smells*.  The plums simmer gently for an hour or two, until the whole house smells of cinnamon and jam.  The coconut flour hits the warm melted butter and brown sugar and the cook’s nostrils are instantly hit with the most glorious, fresh ANZAC biscuit scent.  And then there’s the smell while it all bakes.

Even if this dessert tasted of cardboard, it would just about be worth making it for the way it makes the kitchen smell.  And it tastes a lot better than that…


Your Shopping List

1 kg plums, any kind, but I do recommend a non-clingstone variety if you can get one
3-4 tablespoons of brown sugar
1 cinnamon stick
50 g butter
50 g brown sugar
50 g coconut flour
150 g rolled oats

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