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Pantry challenge day 31 – it’s over!

Also, I’m tipsy.  These two things aren’t entirely related, but as it happened I had a voucher for dinner with wine this evening which I decided to use for a friend’s birthday after choir, and it turns out that a glass and a half of white wine is definitely enough to make me silly and wobbly.  I’m such a lightweight (I believe the official term is a Cadbury girl – a glass and a half… is plenty for me).

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Pantry challenge day 30 – nearly there!

What will I do with my life when I don’t have to blog every single meal I make?

Incidentally, I’ll be doing the proper wrap-up for this challenge on Saturday, as I’m going to be out late tomorrow and early on Saturday morning, so I think tomorrow’s blog post will need to be minimalist for the sake of my (tenuous) sanity.

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Pantry Challenge Day 29 – with the end in sight!

Only two more days left in the pantry challenge, and I haven’t even tried making Poor Man’s Bread, northern Italian style, with chestnut flour.  And in fact, I doubt I’m going to have the opportunity now, since tomorrow is choir night, and I’m eating out on Friday.  Maybe I’ll make it once the challenge is over…

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Pantry challenge day 28, with caramel tarts and leftovers

Well, you already know about the caramel tarts, don’t you?  But for the record, they contained wholemeal flour, the last of my brown sugar (which is, in fact, the last of my sugar entire), golden syrup (last of that, too), and of course the Cajeta caramel.

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Pantry challenge day 27, when it all goes wrong…

It was that sort of day, really.

I woke up, rolled over, and did something diabolical to my shoulder.  This should have been an omen.

Breakfast was plum crumble, and definitely a high point, and the morning (which involved several rounds of going up and down stairs, hooray, GCC steps!) wasn’t too bad.  But yoga was cancelled, which was a real pity, because I’d been looking forward to trying to fix my shoulder with some good stretching…

6 breakfast

By lunch, I was really hungry and absolutely ready for my cheesy pasta bake with greens.  It smelled amazing coming out of the microwave.  It smelled amazing when I dropped it upside-down on the floor, too, but by that point I wasn’t so inclined to eat it.

So I went across the road to the university (more steps, at least), and bought lunch at the café there.  It was lovely, but it wasn’t cheesy pasta bake…

6 lunch

The afternoon was one of those days where it’s almost impossible to stay awake.  By the time I got home, the idea of figuring out dinner was too painful to contemplate.  Which means we get to revert to my almost-takeaway dinner special: chicken duets with broccoli and cheese, pasta, and tomato sauce, this time with baby squash and onions and zucchini flowers, because we have some and vegetables are good for humans.

6 dinner

And maybe, if we are very good, we will have ice-cream and strawberry sauce for dessert.  But if so, you will simply have to imagine it, because I’m closing off this post now and going to do my singing practice.


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Pantry Challenge Day 26, with a long walk and a chocolate festival

I was invited by a friend to join her at a Chocolate Festival being held at the Immigration Museum today, and I wanted to get in a long walk so that my GCC team could continue to hold on to our (tenuous!) lead, so that pretty much dictated the shape of my day…  (Also, of course, a long walk *totally* justifies all the chocolate one might eat at a chocolate festival.)

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Pantry Challenge Day 24, with dinner at Satgurus

One week to go!!!  But, just when the baking side of my pantry was beginning to look worryingly bare, one of my PhD students very sweetly gave me a bottle of agave nectar that had been lurking in *her* pantry for over a year, because she didn’t know what to do with it.  Accepting unsolicited gifts of pantry items is totally within the rules of this pantry challenge, so I must think about what I can combine the agave with for a delicious raw dessert of some kind.

I have to admit, I’ve been very dopey today, and have been very reliably forgetting to photograph food.  Breakfast, though (which I did photograph), was the end of the rye bread and an apple, eaten in hand as I walked to the West Coburg tram stop this morning.  The Global Corporate Challenge has started, and it is imperative that we beat the other team on our floor!

3 brekky

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Pantry challenge day 23 – too much cake, not enough lunch…

Today was the Biggest Morning Tea fundraiser at work, which means that last night I spent a lot of time attempting to turn what was left on the sweet side of my pantry into appealing morning tea treats of the vegan and gluten-free variety.  I was moderately successful – it turns out I had all the ingredients required to make Amber Shea Crawley‘s raw Devil’s Food Cakes – almond meal, coconut flour, apple sauce, maple syrup, cocoa and raw cacao powder, among other things.  That was the end of most of those ingredients.  Continue reading

Pantry challenge day 22

Today was not a great day in the annals of culinary activity.  It started fairly well, with more rye bread for breakfast, this time with jam

1 brekki

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Pantry Challenge Day 21 – Ten days left!

Things are definitely beginning to look depleted in my pantry now.  After my gleeful assault on raw food desserts last weekend and all those cross-dressing Ken cakes, I’m out of coconut butter,  cacao butter, agave nectar, and a lot of other raw-foodish sort of things, and am getting very low on cocoa and self-raising flour and sugar.  Hopefully I will have enough to carry out my evil plans for the Biggest Morning Tea on Thursday.  We are now nearly out of both red and black rice, and ran out of the purple rice long ago.  We are making good inroads into the quinoa, though the barley is still pretty full.  Lots of oats, too.  I’ve used up virtually all the tinned beans as well as the green lentils and split peas, though we are still rich in black lentils and dried chickpeas.  And we are getting quite low on bread flour, with maybe enough left for one more loaf.  Though I do have semolina and rye to help eke things out. Oh, and I’m getting towards the bottom of two more jars of honey, too. Next week’s breakfasts are looking decidedly yoghurty, however.

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