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Respecting the Lamb

Hello, food blog friends!  This is me, taking a break from politics-land to be excited about lamb, but also to say that I really do love you and have not been deliberately neglecting you all week.

Actually, I attempted to cook two different recipes this week especially for the purpose of writing them up on this blog.  Did they work?  No, they did not.  They were, in fact, somewhat disastrous.  So you miss out this time, because I’m a little bit too tired to write up my dire failures in amusing style just now.

Never mind.  I’m really here to be all excited at you about my order from Koallah Farm today.  Vegetarians may want to skip this one, because this post is all about lamb.

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I always feel faintly guilty writing about meat on this blog.  It’s not that I pretend to be vegetarian or to write a vegetarian blog (though I admit, having this blog is influencing me to make more vegetarian food, because I like writing about it!), but I do know a lot of the people who read this regularly are vegetarian or vegan.  So they probably are not going to be especially interested in this post, which is entirely a gloat over the joys of meat.  And yet, it would feel dishonest not to write about meat, because that’s the thing I’m most excited about right now. Continue reading