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Food Blog Kris Kringle in July?

Hi all,

I was thinking that it might be fun to do a sort of Food Blog Kris Kringle for Christmas in July next month (I’m going with July rather than actual Christmas because my Decembers are crazed and I probably don’t need to be organising anything else).

The way it would work would be that participants would be sent the name of another participant’s food blog at the start of July, and sometime during July, they would visit that blog, cook one or more recipes from it (with or without variations), and blog about this, linking back to the blog and to the challenge.  At the end of July I’d do a round-up post to see who everyone cooked for and what recipes were featured.

The main criteria for entry would be that your food blog is either vegetarian or has a large number of vegetarian recipes.  This is simply because the corner of the blogging world that I’m reading is mostly vegetarian and vegan blogs, and I don’t want anyone getting stuck with a blog from which they can cook nothing.  Most of the vegan bloggers I know are pretty awesome at adapting vegetarian food to their needs, so I think this would be sufficient to most people’s needs!

A secondary criteria would be that you have some sort of index or way of finding recipes without scrolling through the whole blog, though I think that goes without saying for most food blogs.

If anyone felt like doing a Christmas in July theme for their choice of recipes, so much the better!

If you’d like to join this Kris Kringle, please comment below, and I’ll add you to my list.  If I get 8 people, I think that will be enough to go forward with this time around, though more would be lovely, so if you think this is a good idea, please re-blog or link back to this post.

Let’s see what happens!