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Recipe: Orange Me Up (Scotty)!

What do you get when you cross orange salad with tiramisu?  In my case, you get something a lot like a very orangey, boozy, rich, trifle.  Which I choose to call ‘orange me up’, because tiramisu means ‘pick me up’, and I find the phrase ‘orange me up’ amusing.  And I was feeling decidedly oranged-up after eating this.  Though ‘Orangey Sue’ also has a certain silly appeal.

This, incidentally, is what happens when I try to make a light, healthy dessert.  I do fine at moderately healthy fruity desserts, such as fruit crumbles or fruit pies or balsamic strawberries with mascarpone, and sometimes I even like fruit salads, but there is something about the whole fruit-in-fruit-syrup that just brings out the worst in me.  I can’t leave it alone. It’s not a proper dessert.

But… there I was, with no idea what to make for dessert, and I saw this recipe  in Cook Simple for citrus fruits in orange and rosemary syrup, and it had blood oranges (which I have from the market), oranges (of which I have a tree full), lemons (ditto), rosemary (which I have in my garden) and grapefruit (which are certainy in season)! Clearly, this was the way to go.  The recipe suggested serving it with crême fraiche and almond biscuits.  I started enthusiastically planning acts of Extreme Biscuit Baking, but realised that with guests only an hour away and dinner not really made, this would be a bad idea.  And then the supermarket had sponge fingers on special, and I thought, hey, mascarpone is better than crême fraiche, and also, mascarpone + sponge fingers = tiramisu!  Which is way, way, too rich, and moreover has coffee in it (ugh!), but oranges would cut the richness…

And here we are.  This recipe makes enough to feed at least 8 people, and would probably be better spread around 12.  I suspect it would stretch to 16, especially if you made a little more of the orange salad.

Your Shopping List

500 ml fresh orange juice
200 ml water
175 g white sugar
3 sprigs rosemary
juice of 1/2 a lemon
2 oranges
3 blood oranges
1 pink grapefruit
2 tangellos
175 g sponge finger biscuits
50 ml grand marnier
125 ml semi-sweet sherry
250 ml fresh orange juice
250 g mascarpone
250 g ricotta (the softer kind that comes in a tub)
2 tablespoons caster sugar, or to taste
50 g good dark chocolate

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Recipe: Grapefruit Pectin Jellies

These jellies are basically the point of grapefruit, at least in my opinion.  I find grapefruit far too bitter to eat, but the bitterness and sourness help the pectin to set the jelly, and the resulting confection is just sweet enough, with a lovely grapefruit flavour and only a hint of bitter pith.  If you like other citrus but have never liked grapefruit, give these a try.  You’ll be surprised at how nice they are.

This recipe is actually extremely easy to make – the biggest difficulty in my experience is finding the right kind of pectin.  Well, that and not having exploding thermometers or scales which spontaneously malfunction.  The pectin you can buy at most supermarkets or health food shops is for jam – confectionery requires a stronger pectin.  My pectin is labelled Classic CS 502, with a degree of esterification that is 58-64% and is designed for a soluble solids range of 68-80% and a pH range of 3.0-3.6.  I’m afraid I have very little idea what that means (clearly I need to read more of that food chemistry book), but it might give you something to look for on the packaging.

You also absolutely require good scales and a candy thermometer for this recipe.  I recommend avoiding glass thermometers – they can shatter, and there’s nothing worse than having your jelly all ready to pour into the tin and then realising that you only have half a thermometer and the other half is somewhere in the gel... especially when this was the first time you actually found the right pectin and got the mixture to setting consistency…

Your Shopping List

50 g + 350g sugar (plain white sugar is best here)
20 g pectin
zest and juice of 1 medium grapefruit (about the size of a largeish orange)
175 g glucose syrup (I think this is the same as corn syrup – it’s a clear, very viscous, very sweet liquid derived from corn)
10g citric acid solution (5 g citric acid dissolved in 5g just-boiled water)
caster sugar, to coat

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