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Making Cheese while the Sun Shines

Well, it shone a bit.  Or didn’t actively rain.  Something like that, anyway.

Today, I attended a one-day workshop on making feta cheese.  Actually, we made four kinds of cheesestuff – Greek-style feta, gourmet feta, yoghurt and ricotta – and left with the recipes for two others – mascarpone and Amy’s Serendipity  (title mine – our instructor, Amy, made us some cheese a few days earlier but forgot to put in the rennet.  We all liked the result more than any of the other cheeses on offer at lunchtime, and begged for the recipe) It was excellent.  Even if I am now eyeing my gourmet feta and yoghurt with a dubious eye, wondering if they are actually going to set or if maybe I didn’t shake them up enough.  Or shook them too much.  Oh dear…

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