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Recipe: Beetroot gnocchi with broccoli

dinner2This was my lovely, lazy, farmers’ market dinner tonight and it was so simple and delicious that I had to post about it.  I’m not sure it even counts as a recipe, because it’s seriously too easy for words – I didn’t even make the gnocchi! – and has about four ingredients.  It’s more of an idea than anything else.  But it’s a very good idea…

Your Shopping List (this is a meal for 2 people)

40 g butter, unsalted
1 tablespoon of olive oil.  I never said that this was a low-fat recipe.
500 g beetroot gnocchi.  You can make these yourself, but if you are a Melburnian, I recommend hunting down Take Me Home Pastas at a farmers’ market and buying some from them.
1 bunch of sprouting broccoli, or a head of ordinary broccoli
smoked licorice salt, or smoked salt, or just salt
black pepper
fresh parmesan cheese

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