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Travel Post: Paris, with Bois de Boulogne, Saint Denis, and some museums

So.  After my perfect Paris chocolate day (which still makes me smile whenever I think of it – it really was an absolute gift), I realised that Wednesday could not POSSIBLY live up to the same level of Parisian wonderfulness, and that was OK.  Really, one fantasy-Paris day in a visit should be enough for anyone.

On Wednesday, therefore, I decided to get started on my project of walking through as many arondissements in Paris as I could.  Having already explored the Tuileries Gardens (before getting distracted by chocolate), I took the Metro to the Place de Concorde, and began heading westward along the Champs Élysées.


The Champs actually starts out quite leafy and green, but pretty quickly becomes a very busy and rather touristy and expensive shopping strip.  There is even a McDonalds, which I thought was a little sad.  I walked along, and snuck into a FNAC to pick up my concert tickets for later in the week and continued my approach to the Arc de Triomphe.


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Book Review: The $120 Food Challenge, by Sandra Reynolds

I can’t actually remember what I was doing online that led me to this cookbook, but when I read that it was by a Melbourne food blogger who had started off in 2010 trying to feed her family for $120 a fortnight (the amount left from her Centrelink payment after rent and bills were deducted) without resorting to frozen meals or margarine, I had to see what her recipes were like.  So I wandered over to Sandra Reynolds’ blog to have a look, and… actually, I can’t say it was one recipe in particular that stood out for me (though it must be said that I went stampeding straight over to the sweets and baked good sections and really liked what I saw), I just liked the whole look and feel of the recipes, and could see at a glance that there were plenty of things that I could use.

Besides, I’ve been talking to a few people recently who look likely to be on a similar budget over the next months, and I wanted to have a look at the cookbook so that I could recommend it.  Also, of course, budget cookbooks tend to have handy recipes for the cheaper cuts of meat that I’m less familiar with. But I confess, it was really more a case of me going “Ooh!  Cookbook! Ooh! Slices!  I haven’t cooked slices in ages!” and then exhibiting no self control.

Which is slightly ironic given the theme of this book, but I’ll let that slide.

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