Speedy Travelling Blog Post!

I have fifteen minutes of free internet, and you, my dear readers, are apparently the people I want to talk to!

I’m writing this from Paris airport, while I wait for my flight to Trondheim.  Mostly, I’m writing this in order to stay awake, because I spent all of Sunday bridesmaiding, then stayed up to see Andrew off and then catch a plane myself in the pre-dawn hours of Monday morning.  I’ve been in transit ever since, but the end is in sight, and the good news is that I’ve neither lost my luggage nor had it torn in two, so far.  (The trouble with working with so many travellers is that I hear *all* the horror stories…)

The wedding was gorgeous, and I’ll write about it properly when I don’t have a time limit, though I will say that one highlight of the weekend was definitely bonding with Anne, one of Hilbert’s two attendants, over raw vegan cakes at the Mindi Beach Market.  We also joined forces on the Friday to create the most vegan-friendly pre-wedding barbecue that ever contained token meat, which was heaps of fun.  Even the ‘Fleisch ist meine Gemuse’ German boys liked our salads and salsas and felafels.  Or at least, they ate them quite happily… (and were duly appalled to learn that the chocolate tart they had just eaten contained… tofu!)

You probably don’t want to hear about airline food, but since it has been a significant feature of my life over the last few days, you are going to anyway.  So herewith, the pros and cons of selecting the vegetarian menu option when you fly.

Pro: You get fed before anyone else!

Con: Which means that you have to wait longer to get your tray table removed, so that you can get back to your sticker mosaic project (don’t ask).

Pro: The very worst scrambled tofu cannot compete in awfulness with Mystery Meat Stew.

Con: Congratulations, you are gluten free!  Or vegan!  Or low fat!  Basically, pick at least two accompanying dietary requirements, and that’s where you are.

(this is only a con because most airlines are not especially good at gluten-free vegan food)

Pro: Lentils.  If you like lentils, you have come to the right place.  Pasta, too.

Con: Fruit salad for dessert.  Every. Single. Time.  Apparently, vegetarians don’t like chocolate mousse or tiramisu.  Who knew?

Pro: Though when you are flying out of Malaysia, the fruit is at least quite interesting…

And that’s about it from me – tiredness has just turned into dizziness, so I shall use my remaining three minutes to figure out how to post this.

Hope you are doing well!


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1 comment for “Speedy Travelling Blog Post!

  1. Amy
    August 16, 2014 at 10:32 am

    I’ve been on a few flights where the attendants handed out cornettos to everyone else, promising to come back if they had any left overs (because it’s true- someone in admin got ‘vegan’ and ‘vegetarian’ confused).

    Con: there are NEVER any extra cornettos!

    Looking forward to hearing more about the wedding..

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