So much confectionery…

I’m still taking orders for jellies this week, so act now, before it’s too late!  I’ve been very diligent this weekend, and should be able to start filling orders for people on Tuesday.  As a reminder, the prices are:

$15 – Luxury Fruit (raspberry, passionfruit, lime)
$12 – Citrus (blood orange, lemon and grapefruit – my secret favourite combo)
$12 – Christmas Spice (cinnamon apple, grapefruit with ginger, spiced orange)
$10 – Agar jellies in a petri dish (wide variety of flavours, each more ridiculous than the last – see below)

Actually, every dish will have an assortment, but the blue curaçao ones were my test batch.

Also, I want more people to order my agar jellies, because they are adorable, amusing, and slightly insane.  Just like me… (sorry, I’m channeling my inner Lydia Bennet, apparently)

So far this weekend I have made…

3 batches of raspberry pectin jellies
2 batches of grapefruit pectin jellies
2 batches of grapefruit and ginger pectin jellies
2 batches of blood orange pectin jellies (75% success rate)
1 batch of spiced apple pectin jellies (50% success rate, drat it)
1 batch of passionfruit pectin jellies (ditto, double drat it, because these are fiddly and annoying)
1 batch of spiced orange pectin jellies
1 batch of lemon pectin jellies
1 batch of lime pectin jellies


Citrus pectin jellies…

Twelve mini batches of agar jellies flavoured with:

lemon myrtle
pineapple, coconut and rum
mango (dismal failure, due to own stupidity)
lilli pilli with random silver stars, thanks to my German penfriend’s evil influence
blue curaçao
raspberry and rosewater
mango with less stupidity and more success
apricot and orange flower water
lime, tequila and salt flakes


Three flavours of alcoholic agar jellies…

I seriously considered making a batch flavoured with vanilla Absolut vodka with violet essence, but have held my fire so far.  I have no idea what they would taste like together, but it’s a strangely compelling idea now I have thought of it…

I have run out of:

Baking trays to set jellies in (several times today – I’m getting too efficient for myself)
Glucose syrup (twice today)
Viennese Christmas Spice Sugar
Working candy thermometers that will attach to the saucepan (1 just gave up telling the correct temperature, 1 shattered, two had the clips come off (one of these was in a batch of jelly, too.  Goodbye, batch of jelly…)
Bench space

This is what my kitchen bench looks like right now…

I have gained:

1 skill point – I can now tell by looking at the syrup when it is within four degrees of the required temperature, and can thus save a lot of time that would otherwise be spent standing over a saucepan holding a candy thermometer at the right angle.

… and this is what my table looks like. Though I’ll be cutting and packing a lot of those jellies up before I go to bed tonight.

Of course, I still have to cut about half of these jellies, and then pack them.  And then make some more… But I am beginning to feel as though this whole insane project might be possible.  I just need to work out why passionfruit and apple are being so tricksy this year…

Lilli-pilli jelly, with stars for Anna.


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3 comments for “So much confectionery…

  1. Iestyn
    December 10, 2012 at 9:49 pm

    Well I think Vanilla and Violet should work.

  2. Catherine
    December 11, 2012 at 11:00 am

    It may yet happen…

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