Slow Cooker Gloat

I was going to call this post ‘Quick Slow Cooker Gloat’, but that seemed a little open to confusion.  Tempting, though.

Is there anything more conducive to a feeling of smug virtue and general comfort and satisfaction than the knowledge that one has the next day’s dinner under control, that it is, as we speak, simmering in the slow cooker overnight, ready to sit in the fridge all day tomorrow for the flavours to develop, and be excellent when I get back from singing practice tomorrow evening?

I doubt it.  I very much doubt it.

I am therefore going to take my insufferably smug and virtuous self off to bed, so that I am in a fit state to work tomorrow, and enjoy my venison and wild mushroom stew tomorrow evening,

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2 responses to “Slow Cooker Gloat

  1. I first read this as “slow cooker goat” which, while sounding like an interesting recipe, would’ve been a whole other post. I hope your smug & virtuous self is well-rested for all the singing.

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