If I were a real chef, this page would be very long.  I’m not a real chef.  I think you’ve all noticed that by now.  In fact, I’m am so very much not a real chef that I only have two sauces.  Which I use in everything.  This does make life less complicated.  Oh, and I have mayonnaise, too.  And now, patisserie cream!

One day, there may be more sauces.   But not today.


Almond Milk Crème Patissière (V, D, F)


Basic Tomato Sauce (V, VV, D, E, N, GI)
Béchamel Sauce (V, E, N)

  • Mornay Sauce (V, E, N)
  • Cheese Sauce (V, E, N)
  • Chestnut Flour (V, G, E, F)
  • Goat’s Milk (V, E, N, F)
  • Soy (V, VV, D, E, N, F, GI)


Mayonnaise with Roast Garlic (V, G, D, N, GI)

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