Light Meals

These meals are the sort of thing I’d have for lunch or for a light dinner when it’s late and I’m too tired to think much.  Some are lighter than others, and some are complete meals while others (such as the baked ricotta) really need bread and a salad to round them out.  A lot of them are made from leftovers, which tells you everything you need to know about my general lunch strategy…


Baked Ricotta (V, G, N, GI, F)
Beetroot Gnocchi (V, D, E, N, F)
Beetroot Gnocchi with Broccoli (V, G, E, F, N)


Cheesy Broccoli Tomato Rolls (V, G, E, N)
Cucumber Noodles with Gazpacho Sauce (V, VV, G, E, D, N, GI)


Felafel (V, VV, G, E, D, N, GI)
Funghi alla Pizza! (V, G, E, N, GI)


Modular Salad (V, VV, G, D, E, N, F, GI)
Mushroom and Roast Pepper Sandwich (V, VV, G, D, E, N, GI)


Omelette (V, G, D, N, GI, F)


Pumpkin, Chicken and Chickpea Filo Triangles with Moroccan Flavours (D, E, N, GI)


Quinoa Salad with corn, coriander and lime (V, VV, G, D, E, N, GI, F)


Risotto Cake (V, G, F, D, N)
Roast Vegetable and Chickpea Salad
(V, VV, G, D, E, N, GI)
Root Vegetable Rösti with Peach and Black Bean Salsa (V, G, D, N, GI)


Tomato stuffed with quinoa salad (V, VV, D, G, E, GI, F, N)
Tuna salad (D, E, N, G, GI)


Vegetables and Cheese on Toast (V, G, E, N, GI)
Vegetable pikelets (V, N)
Vegetarian Pasta (V, VV, G, D, E, N, GI)


Winter Tuna Salad with Fennel, Oranges and Nuts (D, E, G, GI)

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