This is a very short index of recipes for drinks which I have made.  It’s kind of sad, really.  But you see, I mostly drink water.  Or milk.  Or orange juice.  Or, most recently, and in fact only once, Calvados, which is certainly very efficient if one wishes to achieve inebriation.  But also rather tasty.

Anyway, as this index will demonstrate, I clearly need to start being more creative with making drinks.  Or provide a useful recipe for water à la Cate (Step 1: Find a clean glass.  Step 2: Turn on the cold tap…).


Blueberry and Spinach Smoothie (V, VV, GI, D, E, F)


Green Rainbow Smoothie (V, VV, D, E, G, F, GI)


Lemon Drink (V, VV, D, E, G, F, N)
Lemon Drink with Orange-Flower Water (V, VV, D, E, G, F, N)



Mint Syrup Cordial (V, VV, D, E, G, N, F)
Mulled Citrus Juice (V, VV, D, E, G, N, F)


Raspberry and Lavender Lemonade (V, VV, D, E, G, F, N)


Strawberry and Mint Smoothie (V, VV, D, E, G, GI)

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