Biscuits, Pastry and Slices

By rights, this should be my biggest section, because I make biscuits all the time and for everyone.  The trouble is, of course, I tend to make the same ones again and again, because they are comforting and friendly and there is nobody who hates my choc-chip and oatmeal cookies.  Worse still – and highly unusually, I might add – when I make biscuits, I also tend to follow recipes for them (mostly), which means I can’t post the recipes here without being a Bad Copyright Catherine.  And nobody wants that.

Clearly, my next mission must be to invent more biscuit recipes and bake a lot of biscuits.  How my colleagues and friends will suffer…

Edited to add: And then in March 2015 I made almond biscuits for Purim.  And they were super easy, so I started varying the nuts and the flavours.  And now I have something like ten fifteen different kinds of gluten-free biscuits, all basically the same recipe, because I am lazy and there is nothing better than a lazy gluten-free biscuit recipe.  Unless you can’t eat nuts, in which case, try one of the other recipes on this page…


Almond Biscuits with Davidson Plum and Ruby Ganache (V, G, F)
Almond Butter Christmas Cookies (V, VV, D, E, G, F, GI)
Anzac Biscuits (FAILSAFE and vegan) (V, VV, D, E, G, N, F)
Almond cookies with lemon myrtle (V, D, G, F)
Apricot and Peach Schnapps Shortbread (V, E, N)
Asparagus and Carrot Pastries (V, VV, D, E, N)


Baklava (V, VV, D, E)
Banana Chocolate Oat Cookies (V, VV, D, E, F, N)
Blackberry and Ricotta Cheesecake with Lavender and Yuzu (V, N)
Buddha’s Hand Shortbread (V, E, N)


Cherry Ripe Cookies (V, VV, D, E, G, N)
Chickpea Meringues (V, VV, D, E, G, N, F)
Choc-chip and Oatmeal Cookies (V, FN)
Chocolate, Almond and Brandy Cookies for Purim (V, D, G)
Chocolate, Coconut and Cherry Slice
(V, VV, D, E, N)
Chocolate Crackles for Grown-Ups (V, VV, D, E, G, F)
Chocolate Crackles that Crackle (V, VV, D, E, G, F)
Chocolate Crackles with the Lot (V, VV, D, E, G, N)
Chocolate and Hazelnut Cookies with Wattleseed (V, F, G, N)
Chocolate Tahini Shortbread (V, VV, D, E, G, F, N)
Coconut Macaroons (V, G, D)
Croquembouche (V, F, D)


Eggplant Tarts (V, N, F )


Florentines (Vegan) (V, VV, D, E)
Fruit Mince Filo Cigars (V, VV, D, E, N)


Gingernuts with Chinese Five-Spice (V, VV, D, E, G, N, F )


Kunafa Bi Jibin (V, E)


Quandong & Bushfood Jam Thumbprints (V, VV, D, E, G)


Lemon Curd Tarts (DIY-style) (V, N)
Lemon Meringue Pie with Gingernut Crust (V, N)
Lemon Raspberry Tarts with Ruby Chocolate  (V, F)
Linzer Torte
(V, E)


Macarons with fruit powders (V, D, G)
Meringue Easter Bunnies (V, D, G, F, N)
Mexican Caramel Tarts (V, N)
Moroccan Snake Cake
(V, VV, D, E)


Not-tella Quinoa Slice (V, VV, D, E, G, GI)


Oaty Cookies with Raisins and Apricots (V, D, N)
Oaty Cranberry Choc-Chip Biscuits (V, VV, D, EN)
Old English Matrimonials  (V, VV, D, EN)
Orange and Cardamom Wafers (V, E, N, G, F)


Pistachio and Apricot Biscuits (Low Sugar) (V, D, G)
Pistachio and Cardamom Kourabiedes (V, VV, D, E)


Ras el Hanout Shortbread (V, E, N, F)


Strawberry Gum and Macadamia Cookies (V, D, F, G)
Super Nutty Snickerdoodles (V, D, F, G)


Tropical Chocolate Crackles with Mango (V, VV, D, E, G)


Vegan Dream Cookies (V, VV, D, E, G, N)


Walnut and Chocolate Biscuits (V, D, G, F)

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