Recipe: Easy, Yet Awesome, Tangy Lime Guacamole

This barely qualifies as a recipe.  It has two ingredients, other than seasonings, and the method could be summed up in a single sentence.  Except, this is me, Catherine McWordy, writing this, so we all know that I will rabbit on randomly about nothing in particular regardless…

Basically, I had this kaffir lime, and these avocadoes, and this vegetarian chilli in need of a guacamole, but I was too lazy to do anything elaborate, so I just made this, and then it tasted really good and really *interesting* – I love how perfumed and tangy kaffir lime is – and it was too late to take photos.  You will have to imagine it for yourself.  Or make it, of course.

Your Shopping List

2 ripe avocadoes.  If you know how to tell from the outside the point at which an avocado is ripe but not browning, you are a wiser person than I am.
1 kaffir lime
salt and pepper to taste

Now what will you do with it?

Zest the lime into a bowl, then halve the lime and squeeze out the juice.

Halve the avocadoes and scoop out the flesh.  Mash it with the lime zest and juice.  Taste it, to see whether you think it needs salt and pepper – this is such a personal taste thing, so I don’t want to make recommendations.  Season to your liking, or don’t bother.

Eat, lavishly, with vegetarian chilli, or the meaty kind, or just with corn chips or on nachos.


Well, you could use normal lime for this, and I have done, but it does not taste the same – there is something particularly zingy about kaffir lime, almost with a hint of coriander spice to it, that really works here.  And lemon also works.  But really, this is a two-ingredient recipe – changing one of the ingredients does tend to defeat the purpose.  I might be tempted to add a tiny bit of ground coriander to bring out that zing from the kaffir lime a little more.  But it’s amazingly good as it stands.

Also, of course, it is vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, low-GI and low fructose, so it pretty much covers everyone.  (Which is not a recommendation to smear guacamole over everyone you know, though I realise it could be read that way.)


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