Recipe: Easy pasta with chicken and optional kittens

This is a recipe I posted on my personal blog back in 2003, when Mystery and Mayhem were still kittens.  The idea was to have a pasta recipe that was done by the time the pasta was cooked.  This recipe can, of course, be made vegetarian with feta replacing the chicken, and these days I might also make it vegan with chickpeas and a little chilli for zing.

I’m re-posting this recipe today for several reasons.  First, Mystery has not come home, and at this point, we are inclined to think that we have lost her.  I have written a memorial post for her on Cate Speaks, but I remembered this post, and thought it made a fitting memorial to put on a food blog.

Second, I have tendonitis, so typing is painful, and this recipe comes pre-typed.

Thirdly, it turns out that cooking is even more painful than typing, so I’m probably not going to be writing much here in the next little while.  I wanted to explain my probable absence in advance for a change.

Your shopping list

1/2 barbecued chicken
1 punnet cherry tomatoes
2 roma tomatoes
1 green capsicum
1 bunch basil
200g sundried tomato pesto (the ‘stir a whole bottle through pasta’ kind, not the ‘use two teaspoons worth’ kind)
Dried oregano and black pepper to taste
300g vegeroni sprial pasta
Two black and white kittens (optional garnish)

Now what will you do with it?

1. Remove kittens from benchtop and bag with chicken in it.

2. Put water on to boil for pasta.

3. Remove kittens from benchtop again.

4. Halve the cherry tomatoes, chop roma tomatoes and capsicum into smallish chunks. Chop basil. Put in large salad bowl, add oregano and pepper as you see fit. Remove kittens from chopping board, as they are not a vegetable and this is your green chopping board.

5. Around about this point, your water is boiling, so put in the pasta, and stir.

6. Remove skin from chicken and throw in rubbish bag. Remove kittens from rubbish bag. Cut the chicken meat into strips, and put in salad bowl. Remove kittens from rubbish bag and salad bowl and lock them into the living room.

7. Put pesto in salad bowl, and stir into other ingredients. Add cooked pasta, stir well and serve.

8. Remove the kittens to another room while you are eating, but not the room with the rubbish bag, or they will climb into it, pull out all the chicken bones and gnaw off the meat, all over the kitchen floor.


The kittens can (and indeed, should) be omitted from this recipe.


Andrew with the kittens, at prime chicken-pasta-stalking age.

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2 comments for “Recipe: Easy pasta with chicken and optional kittens

  1. Elettaria
    February 7, 2016 at 6:32 am

    Oh, that is the sweetest thing!

    • February 7, 2016 at 1:51 pm

      They were always big on cooking as a family activity, when chicken or tuna were involved…

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