Reader, I bought it.

The multi-function pressure cooker / slow cooker / rice cooker / electric saucepan / steamer thingie, that is.  Well, it’s on order, anyway.  I’m already dreaming about things I could cook with it (I wish that wasn’t literally true, and I wish the ideas my subconscious mind came up with were anything other than terrible, but I suppose one can’t always dream a recipe and have it actually work).  I’m not sure whether I will use all the functions, but it seemed to me that a slow cooker that had an electric saucepan function would save on the washing up nicely if I wanted to brown things before casseroling them.  And pressure cookers sound fascinating…

Then, of course, I was unable to resist buying slow cooker and pressure cooker cookbooks.  To be fair, the pressure cooker one is justified – it sounds like it’s a whole new way of looking at cooking, and some instruction is certainly required.  But I probably didn’t strictly need two slow cooker cookbooks.  I am reasonably competent at casseroles…

So no new recipes today – it’s been a very long week at work – but I think you can look forward to a number of kitchen-gadget-oriented recipes in the near future.

And cake recipes, of course.  One can never have too many of those.

NB: I told Andrew that I had asked the internet whether I should buy a slow cooker and that the internet said yes.  He rolled his eyes.  I then explained that I did this using my blog and he cast aspersions on my ability to construct an un-biased poll, which I thought was a bit rude.  For some reason, he thinks you people are likely to encourage me to buy kitchen gadgets.  Isn’t that strange?


This time last year…

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