Proof of concept?

It turns out that I can make marshmallows.

It also transpires that I can make an unbelievable mess in the kitchen and emerge covered in a mixture of cornflour and icing sugar.

This is not as tasty as it sounds.

Also, I have Lady Macbeth hands.  Out, damn’d spot!

The raspberry marshmallows are actually pretty good.  The violet ones, alas, taste far too much like gelatine – my violet essence is lovely, but too subtle for confectionery.  Andrew thinks they taste alright, but he is mistaken…  Of course, I now need to make them *again* in multiple variations, until I can get them right.  I think next I need to try David Lebovitz’s recipe (which was what brought this whole thing on in the first place), after which I will turn my energy to discovering the perfect vegetarian marshmallow.  It shouldn’t be impossible with agar, I think.

I know how I’ll be spending my weekend…

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7 responses to “Proof of concept?

  1. Ooh, do let me know! There is a vegan marshmallow mix you can purchase at the Radical Grocery, but I much prefer to be able to make things from scratch.

  2. I look forward to hearing about veg marshmallow – one that is not too sweet – colours welcome!

  3. I’m calculating a recipe at this very moment!

  4. Hey! Where did you get the violet essence?

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