Pressure Cooker!

OK, it’s official – I love my pressure cooker.

What pressure cooker?  I hear you ask..

That would be the one I bought because I really wanted a slow cooker and thought one which had a pressure cooker option might be nifty.  So far, I have used the pressure cooker function twice, and the slow cooker function not at all.  And now that my slow cooker cookbooks have arrived,  I am eyeing them off to see how the recipes might convert to pressure cooker recipes…

Expect recipes – actual savoury recipes – soon.  At the moment, though, I’m far too busy being enamoured of being able to cook beans in little over half an hour, and without any pre-soaking… which isn’t a recipe, just a delightful and wonderful fact.

In other news, I still have Iceland’s song in my head,  I still have lurgy in my throat, and I’ve just been asked to sing the soprano solos (!!) in a performance of The Messiah later this year (!!!), so all I want to do right now is sing… and really, I can’t.  Not coloratura, anyway.  Which means leftovers for dinner and an early night, so that I can get shut of this lurgy and learn my music.

(And it’s totally weird going through The Messiah looking for soprano solos after thinking of myself as an alto for so long.  I know every single alto or bass aria in the entire oratorio – I learned them all just in case someone, sometime, asked me to sing them – but do I know any of the soprano ones?  Of course I don’t…)


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