Pantry challenge day 9!

Back to work today, and choir tonight, but thanks to yesterday’s day off, we had fresh fruit bread for breakfast, made with oats, rye flour, bread flour, honey (of course!), dried cranberries and powdered orange, as well as marmalade.  Definitely a pantry special.  It was fairly difficult to cut due to the excessive marmalade, so we didn’t bother toasting it, or even buttering it – but it was  luscious enough without any further adornment.

2 breakfast

Lunch was the re-scheduled pub lunch with my work friend, so parmigiana was again on the menu.  I had plans for something healthier, but since my favourite salad on their menu is full of beetroot and beetroot was a large component of dinner, and since I’m constitutionally incapable of resisting chicken parmigiana that’s what we had…

2 lunch

Dinner after choir was beet bourgignon (from the freezer – I’m not that industrious after choir, generally!), served with the roasted pasta from the Coburg Farmers’ Market.  I’m not sure this was the best accompaniment, but the beet bourgignon was delicious.

2 dinner2

And so to bed.

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