Pantry challenge day 8

I got to go to the opera today!  I got to go to the opera today!  I got to go to the opera today!!

(and it was FABULOUS!!!)

OK, now I’ve calmed down a bit, I will admit that the opera did put a kink in my carefully planned menu for this week.  Not being home anywhere remotely near dinner time will do that…

Anyway, breakfast today was the last of the apple bread, plain and un-toasted because I was running around the house washing sheets, making bread, baking spaghetti squash, and plotting clothing shopping trips to Northland.  Because I am all class.

1 brekkie

Lunch was the spaghetti squash roasted and turned into ‘pulled pumpkin’ for tacos.  I used tortillas and kidney beans from the pantry for this, as well as spices, of course.  Naturally, I forgot to photograph it at the time, so here’s a photograph of the components with the picture from the recipe book, so you know what it should have looked like…!

1 lunch

Dinner, I regret to say, was from Lord of the Fries (because who can resist a vegan chip and burger shop with a name like that).

1 dinnercath

Andrew, on the other hand, not only ate purple rice gratin and carrot salad, he even took a photo of it!

1 andrewdinner

And dessert (after the opera) was gingernut baskets (made from flour, golden syrupspices, treacle and brown sugar) filled with leftover mascarpone and raspberry sauce from last night, and topped with strawberries – a suitably decadent end to a decadent night!

1 dessert


This time last year…

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  1. I can’t believe I’ve never thought to use spaghetti squash as a taco filling, it makes so much sense! Luckily I have a whole pile of spaghetti squash recently harvested from the veggie patch and sitting at my back door to experiment with.

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