Pantry challenge day 6

Hmm, I’ve actually emptied several containers since I started this challenge, you know.  I keep wondering if we will actually make it through the month… and then I look at another section of the pantry and think, no, actually, we really do have a lot of couscous, and all is well.

This morning’s breakfast was a very respectable effort: Toasted fruit bread made with rye flour, bread flour, oats, dried apple, and honey.  With apple pie spice mix.  And very nice it was – fragrant and wholesome and not too sweet.  I’m going to have to figure out the proportions and make it properly sometime.  Served with butter, but it’s not so sweet that honey wouldn’t be a possibility…

6 breakfast

Lunch was leftover pasta shells with bolognese and mozzarella, and a little container of dried fruit dipped in chocolate or yoghurt. Delicious, and once again totally unphotographed, due to my being in a terminal state of distraction all day between grants and a phone call shortly before lunch telling me I had won tickets to the opera on Wednesday night!  Good opera, too – Partenope, by Handel, which I really wanted to see and couldn’t afford.  Honestly, I was useless for all intents and purposes for a good hour after this news.

Dinner turned out to be a highly amusing purple-fest – I took a Smitten Kitchen recipe for wild rice gratin with caramelised onions and kale, and used purple Russian kale, purple Spanish onions and purple rice.  The Great Purple effect was actually entirely unintentional, but the results were dramatic and delicious.

6 dinner

And purple.

6 dinner2

Dessert will be strawberries and chocolate honeycake.  This is not a pantry matter, and I still have a list of errands to be done before bedtime, so I’m afraid you don’t get a photograph of it.



This time last year…

Recipe: Gluten-free sponge cake

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