Pantry challenge day 5

A nice domestic day, today, in which I got a bit of a head start on some pantry issues for later in the week, making some home-made tinned tomatoes to become part of various dinners, as well as some apple, oat and rye bread for breakfasts for the next few days.  Probably with honey.

This morning’s breakfast was a very posh affair from the farmers’ market.  There’s a chap there who does gourmet breakfasts – his menu never changes, but every time I try his food, it’s different.  Today, I got the poached eggs on polenta and brioche, which in its current incarnation involves (in addition to these ingredients) popcorn, hummus, tomato chutney, guacamole, labneh, and some sort of purple dip flavoured, allegedly, with blackcurrents, as well as a sort of pistachio-zaatar spice mix over the top.  It was absolutely gorgeous, and the popcorn, weirdly enough, really works.  The flavours soak into it, and it gets softer but still has a bit of pop and crunch to it.  Fabulous.  And very comforting on a cold, cold morning.

5 breakfast

Lunch was, of course, pies from the market.

5 lunch

Dinner thought it had better make up for all this decadence, and was therefore gnocchi in a tomato broth.

5 dinner

And perhaps a few of Rita’s gorgeous crumbed artichokes, too…

5 dinner2

Sorry, pantry – no change today… though I did use a lot of pantry items in the bread, I just haven’t eaten any of it yet.

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