Pantry challenge day 4

May the fourth be with you…

Today, it must be said, started badly.  Or possibly very well. It really depends how you feel about jam doughnuts for breakfast…

4 breakfast

This is really Andrew’s fault – while I slept in, he went into town to get free comics, and bought doughnuts on his way back.  You will be glad to hear that I did eat an apple, too.  Mostly out of guilt – and embarrassment at having to post the evidence here.

4 breakfast 2

Lunch, therefore, had to be much more virtuous, and it was – split pea soup with tandoori masala and spicy cauliflowers stir-fried with panch poron.  Why yes, my pantry cleaning has in fact helped me to locate all my interesting spice mixes…


For dinner, I used up the rest of the pasta shells from the other night (cooked, but not filled) in a pasta bake with bolognese sauce (using up beef mince that had to be cooked, along with tomato paste from the pantry and the first two of my permitted five tins of tomatoes.  Yes, my bolognese sauce has that much tomato in it.  I’m a big fan of letting a little meat go a long way.

4 dinner

(there was salad, too, but I was too lazy to photograph it)

Dessert was apple strudel that I found in the freezer when making room for containers of split pea soup and bolognese sauce.  Our freezer is pleasingly well-stocked at the moment – it also has lamb and quince tagine and beetroot bourginon, as well as frozen fresh pasta, sausages, and two pizza bases.  Given that I’m getting through the legumes faster than I expected, I may be doing a lot of food from the freezer later this month.

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