Pantry challenge day 31 – it’s over!

Also, I’m tipsy.  These two things aren’t entirely related, but as it happened I had a voucher for dinner with wine this evening which I decided to use for a friend’s birthday after choir, and it turns out that a glass and a half of white wine is definitely enough to make me silly and wobbly.  I’m such a lightweight (I believe the official term is a Cadbury girl – a glass and a half… is plenty for me).

I will write this challenge up properly tomorrow (i.e., when I can type straight), but for today I shall simply record that breakfast was pink pikelets – I used up the rest of the strawberry sauce I made the other night to make up for the buttermilk that I didn’t have, and also used eggs, self-raising flour and milk, of course.  These pikelets were good with jam, so that’s how we ate them.

The one on the left has a smiley face and the one on the right looks like it's baying at the moon.  That, or I really am tipsy.

The one on the left has a smiley face and the one on the right looks like it’s baying at the moon. That, or I really am tipsy.

Lunch – and really, you’d be disappointed in me if I had photographed it by now – was chickpea salad and rissoles leftover from last night.

And dinner.  Ah, dinner.  We went, as mentioned to Olla Messa, because I had yet another voucher.  And believe me, I intended to photograph and report back, but they sat us in a very dark corner with a single candle, and I could barely read the menu or see what I was eating.  My phone tends to feel that all flash photography ought to be bright pink, so I didn’t even try.

It was an OK meal – the antipasti was very good good, the cotolette were basic pub food and needed salt, and the chocolate pudding was decidedly average – too sweet, and I could taste the glucose syrup in the chocolate sauce.  My friend’s trout was significantly better than the cotolette, but also lacked salt.  Since neither of us use much salt in cooking, this was bemusing.  Altogether, it was excellent value for what I paid for it, but I’d have been a little cross if I’d paid full price for this meal. That said, the service was charming, and we did enjoy ourselves, even if the food was more comfort-foodesque than restauranty.

I have to get up very early tomorrow to go bake cookies in German – also it’s raining, which inclines me strongly to go and curl up with a book, so I’ll simply end by saying that I’m almost disappointed that the pantry challenge is over.  I really thought I’d be down to much weirder meals by now, but I only really got as far as weird baking.  I suspect, looking at what’s left, that I could go another week or two without running into difficulties if it weren’t for the lack of sweet things and nuts.  I may not do a full month of this again – or if I do, I won’t do it during a month that has Eurovision and the world’s biggest morning tea and several birthday cakes to be made – but looking to the pantry for inspiration is something I’ll definitely do more of in future.  I’ve been reminded of several ingredients that I like but rarely remember to cook with, and I’ve finally been forced to think of things to do with coconut flour and cocoa butter – and these things were really rather delicious.

And here comes the thunderstorm.  Time to wrap up!

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