Pantry challenge day 30 – nearly there!

What will I do with my life when I don’t have to blog every single meal I make?

Incidentally, I’ll be doing the proper wrap-up for this challenge on Saturday, as I’m going to be out late tomorrow and early on Saturday morning, so I think tomorrow’s blog post will need to be minimalist for the sake of my (tenuous) sanity.

Breakfast this morning was yoghurt with tinned fruit.  This was entirely down to the pantry challenge, because I wasn’t in a tinned fruit mood at all, but I felt I should make an effort!  No oaty-nutty-granola, because I’m completely out of nuts and seeds, which, interestingly, will be some of the first things I will buy on Saturday.  I hadn’t realised how much I used them.

2 Brekkie

Lunch was leftovers from last night, so more pasta with eggplant marsala.  Did I photograph it?  Are bears Catholic?  Of course I did not.

Dinner was a surprisingly good improvised effort based on the fact that I was determined to use up more chickpeas before this challenge ended (I only have one container of them left now, yay!), and that I had lamb mince that was nearing its expiry date.  So I cooked the chickpeas in the pressure cooker last night, but was too tired to put them away, which meant that they sat in their juices all day and got very soft.  I’d originally planned to do lamb meatballs with a chickpea salad, but they were a bit too soft for that, so instead I did my lamb meatballs (with breadcrumbs, egg, parsley, chilli, parmesan and onion, but please don’t ask me for quantities, as I’ve no idea) and then sort of sautéed and stirred the chickpeas in the juices while the lamb was baking, and cooked them with tiny garlic flower cloves, roasted peppers, fresh tomatoes, more parsley and lemon zest.

2 dinner

They were really good, especially with a bit of Greek yoghurt on top.  It’s rather a pity I didn’t pay attention to quantities, because they could have gone in my Let There Be Legumes Challenge, which finishes tomorrow, if you are interested in participating (do you like my subtlety?)…

By rights, I should stay up and make chestnut bread tonight, but I really can’t face it right now.  Especially as I suspect it will take hours to rise.  Maybe a project for the weekend?


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