Pantry challenge day 3

I’m learning one thing from this pantry challenge, and that’s that I am absolutely hopeless at remembering to take photos of my lunch when I’m at work…

Today was another honey-themed day (there are going to be plenty of those), with breakfast being yoghurt with tinned apricots and honey-toasted oats.


Lunch was leftovers from last night – pasta shells and carrot salad – and dinner was more of the lamb and quince tagine, served with the fascinating rice mix I bought at the market last weekend.


The rice mix was tasty but a little disappointing in terms of texture – if you are going to mix together different varieties of rice, it would be wise to check that they have similar cooking times… alas, these did not, so the jade pearl rice was mush when the wild rice was barely al dente.  It did go well with the tagine, though.


And I’m now baking a variation on Japanese honey cake for dessert… or rather, I’m waiting for it to finish sweating in its layers of plastic bag.  But that’s a recipe for another day…

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