Pantry Challenge Day 29 – with the end in sight!

Only two more days left in the pantry challenge, and I haven’t even tried making Poor Man’s Bread, northern Italian style, with chestnut flour.  And in fact, I doubt I’m going to have the opportunity now, since tomorrow is choir night, and I’m eating out on Friday.  Maybe I’ll make it once the challenge is over…

Today was a fairly simple day, food-wise.  We started with the last of the fruit toast from the Farmers’ Market this morning (Andrew, who doesn’t like plums, has been nibbling on this all week).  It was gorgeous – chewy and spicy and full of sweet, soft, dried fruit.

1 breakfast

Lunch was a pub lunch, which I truly deserved after all the stupidities of dealing with Google Scholar *and* Web of Science in the same morning.  For the same documents.  With increasing levels of irritation…  I chose the beetroot and ricotta salad again, because some sort of healthiness seemed called for.

1 lunch

And dinner was a rather lovely pasta with eggplant marsala, from the Moosewood cookbook.  Wholesome and rich and filling and good.

 1 dinner

Maybe not my most imaginative day in the kitchen, but a pleasing one nonetheless.


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