Pantry challenge day 28, with caramel tarts and leftovers

Well, you already know about the caramel tarts, don’t you?  But for the record, they contained wholemeal flour, the last of my brown sugar (which is, in fact, the last of my sugar entire), golden syrup (last of that, too), and of course the Cajeta caramel.

Today started far too early, with extremely loud garbage trucks and cats who had left presents in a variety of locations throughout the house.  Which is, I suppose, one way to get my step count up of a morning.  I took my plum crumble sulkily back to my computer and read silly things on the Damn You Autocorrect website instead of getting organised for the day…

5 breakfast

Lunch was cheesy pasta bake with greens and I didn’t throw it on the floor this time, which was awesome.

7 lunch

(so was the pasta bake)

And dinner… well, I have to admit, it looks just like the sort of appalling meal they might have served us in college.  It’s very brown.  It has cardboard-looking burger things.  It has dodgy-looking scalloped potatoes.

7 dinner

It was *gorgeous*.  The cardboard looking burgers are actually mushroom burger patties containing cashews, black rice, sun-dried tomatoes and breadcrumbs, as well as cheese, onion, herbs, and all sorts of other goodies.  The scalloped potatoes – leftover from Sunday – contain blue cheese.  The black lentils contain tinned chestnuts (yep, more leftovers).  And the terrible, swamp-green vegetables are in fact sorrel with tomatoes and a little broccoli and onion.  The sorrel isn’t overcooked – it just goes swampy the moment you give it any heat.  Clearly, looks aren’t everything.

Dessert, of course, will be a caramel tart and maybe some ice-cream with strawberry sauce.  But that’s another story…


7 dessert



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2 comments for “Pantry challenge day 28, with caramel tarts and leftovers

  1. May 29, 2013 at 10:15 am

    Chestnuts! Chestnuts! You won me with that.

    • Catherine
      May 29, 2013 at 11:06 am

      Aren’t chestnuts wonderful? And they really do go beautifully with black lentils.

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