Pantry challenge day 27, when it all goes wrong…

It was that sort of day, really.

I woke up, rolled over, and did something diabolical to my shoulder.  This should have been an omen.

Breakfast was plum crumble, and definitely a high point, and the morning (which involved several rounds of going up and down stairs, hooray, GCC steps!) wasn’t too bad.  But yoga was cancelled, which was a real pity, because I’d been looking forward to trying to fix my shoulder with some good stretching…

6 breakfast

By lunch, I was really hungry and absolutely ready for my cheesy pasta bake with greens.  It smelled amazing coming out of the microwave.  It smelled amazing when I dropped it upside-down on the floor, too, but by that point I wasn’t so inclined to eat it.

So I went across the road to the university (more steps, at least), and bought lunch at the café there.  It was lovely, but it wasn’t cheesy pasta bake…

6 lunch

The afternoon was one of those days where it’s almost impossible to stay awake.  By the time I got home, the idea of figuring out dinner was too painful to contemplate.  Which means we get to revert to my almost-takeaway dinner special: chicken duets with broccoli and cheese, pasta, and tomato sauce, this time with baby squash and onions and zucchini flowers, because we have some and vegetables are good for humans.

6 dinner

And maybe, if we are very good, we will have ice-cream and strawberry sauce for dessert.  But if so, you will simply have to imagine it, because I’m closing off this post now and going to do my singing practice.


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