Pantry challenge day 23 – too much cake, not enough lunch…

Today was the Biggest Morning Tea fundraiser at work, which means that last night I spent a lot of time attempting to turn what was left on the sweet side of my pantry into appealing morning tea treats of the vegan and gluten-free variety.  I was moderately successful – it turns out I had all the ingredients required to make Amber Shea Crawley‘s raw Devil’s Food Cakes – almond meal, coconut flour, apple sauce, maple syrup, cocoa and raw cacao powder, among other things.  That was the end of most of those ingredients.  They are really tasty cupcakes, but I must say, I made them in little patty cases and found them a bit much – I don’t know how anyone could eat a whole muffin-case worth.  I think I’ll make them into mini-muffins next time.

2 cupcakes

Then I decided to make cupcakes, only I didn’t have most of the ingredients I needed for any of the recipes I wanted to mutilate, so I wound up making these very random brownies, involving rice flourchickpea flour (not my best idea), coconut flourthe last of my almond meal, the last of my chocolate, brown sugar, canola oil, icing sugar, tinned passionfruit, tinned apricots, apricot jam, and a lot of glacé fruit.  I did say they were random, after all…

2 brownies

Despite their randomness, they actually tasted pretty good, and they did a fine job of emptying several containers in the pantry, but I don’t think the texture was quite right.  I think I’d skip the chickpea flour next time – the brownies were a little dry, and the chickpea flour, while not discernable to those not in the know, was definitely evident to me.

Of course, this meant I spent the morning icing cakes and brownies, so breakfast wound up being an apple as I walked out the door.

2 brekkie

Morning tea, on the other hand… well, I think you can guess what that was like.

Lunch was puy lentils with quinoa, tomatoes, fennel and peppers.  Tasty, but rather spicy, and less filling than I would have expected.  It was also at 3pm, because today was also the start of the Global Corporate Challenge, and having spent half an hour playing dress-ups and doing photo shoots with my team, I then spent rather more time than I should have photoshopping everyone into test tubes and flasks, with the result that I entirely forgot about lunch and wound up eating it at my desk while reading budgets.


I maintain that the photoshopping was necessary for my sanity given those budgets and the insanity that is the ongoing Program Grant application.  Also, my colleagues look really cute in test tubes and flasks.

Girl Power Postertiny

It’s possible that afternoon tea was another cupcake.  I have no idea why I was so hungry today, but I really, really was.

We had choir tonight, and I was absolutely starving *again* (admittedly, I spent a lot of today going up and down flights of stairs, but this is ridiculous) (no, I’m not pregnant), so I went out for frozen yoghurt and fruit with a friend.

2 yoghurt

And dinner was pasta with sprouting broccoli and those wonderful beef sausages from Koallah Farm, and very good it was too.

2 dinner

And so to bed.

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2 comments for “Pantry challenge day 23 – too much cake, not enough lunch…

  1. May 24, 2013 at 7:10 am

    Raw desserts, dressing up, quinoa, lentils, singing… kind of the best kind of day kind of yep.

    • Catherine
      May 24, 2013 at 10:04 am

      Yep, it was pretty good!

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