Pantry challenge day 22

Today was not a great day in the annals of culinary activity.  It started fairly well, with more rye bread for breakfast, this time with jam

1 brekki

Leftover veggie lasagne for lunch was, as usual, left unphotographed.

And then I spent the afternoon reading page after page after page of the Program Grant (and learning that if you are a scientist, it’s totally OK to use a singular verb with a plural subject, or vice versa.  As a humanities type, I’m boringly inflexible on this subject, though I did have fun running an unofficial spelling and grammar bee and reporting my results back to the delinquent scientists in question.  One has to find some way to amuse oneself at work, after all…).  This was intensely mind-numbing, and by the time I got home, cooking dinner didn’t even seem faintly plausible, especially as I had to bake for tomorrow’s morning tea.

So we had fish and chips.  Except that mine came without fish, and Andrew had to go back a second time to get it…

1 dinner

It was very nice when it arrived though.

I wish I could say that it was all worth it because of the great culinary feats I was performing cake-wise, but while the raw cupcakes look reasonably good, I have my doubts about the Random Vegan Pantry Brownies.  I suspect that trying to make them gluten-free was a tactical error.  Especially as the raw cupcakes were gluten-free already, so it would have been totally OK to have one gluteny cake.

Ah well.  Icing can cover a multitude of sins, and the flavour certainly isn’t *bad*, it’s just not as fabulous as I had hoped…  And tomorrow is another day, as Ken O’Hara would say (and there’s a cake just waiting to happen…)

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