Pantry Challenge Day 21 – Ten days left!

Things are definitely beginning to look depleted in my pantry now.  After my gleeful assault on raw food desserts last weekend and all those cross-dressing Ken cakes, I’m out of coconut butter,  cacao butter, agave nectar, and a lot of other raw-foodish sort of things, and am getting very low on cocoa and self-raising flour and sugar.  Hopefully I will have enough to carry out my evil plans for the Biggest Morning Tea on Thursday.  We are now nearly out of both red and black rice, and ran out of the purple rice long ago.  We are making good inroads into the quinoa, though the barley is still pretty full.  Lots of oats, too.  I’ve used up virtually all the tinned beans as well as the green lentils and split peas, though we are still rich in black lentils and dried chickpeas.  And we are getting quite low on bread flour, with maybe enough left for one more loaf.  Though I do have semolina and rye to help eke things out. Oh, and I’m getting towards the bottom of two more jars of honey, too. Next week’s breakfasts are looking decidedly yoghurty, however.

No doubt about it, we could live for a good while on pantry staples if it were not for my obsessive need to bake…

Anyway.  Today’s meals were fairly simple.  Breakfast was spiced rye bread, made with rye flour, bread flour, honey, brown sugar, the last of the treacle and Spekulaas spice mix.  Naturally, I ate it with honey and a glass of milk.  Andrew ate it with jam and a cup of tea.  He is much more sophisticated than me…

7 breakfast

Lunch, unphotographed as is becoming traditional, was the leftover bean, tinned mango, corn and fresh coconut salad from Eurovision, along with a spanakopita, also leftover from Eurovision (though not cooked by me).

And dinner was our regular dinner party at the house of G&G, with two kinds of lasagne, bread and salad, followed by apple pie and ice cream.

7 dinner

*And* we got lasagne to take home, which means I don’t need to figure out lunches for tomorrow.  Definitely a bonus.

And so to bed.

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2 comments for “Pantry Challenge Day 21 – Ten days left!

  1. Gillian B
    May 22, 2013 at 2:12 pm

    My god – you’ve made that dinner look lovely! I’m touched!

    • Catherine
      May 22, 2013 at 2:16 pm

      Well, it was lovely. And even more so for lunch, for some reason. Have you noticed that vegetarian lasagne is even better the next day?

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