Pantry Challenge Day 20 – with a sugar hangover

While I would hesitate to describe last night as a mistake, that really was *far* too much sugar.

This morning’s breakfast was, accordingly, an apple and a glass of water, this being about all I could face.

6 breakfast

It was a very nice apple.

Incidentally, in case you haven’t fully appreciated just how much sweet stuff there was last night, let me tell you that I took a whole box of Ken cake, tahini caramels, sparkly almond and cocoa butter balls and chocolate tart into work with me to share with my scientists, and felt absolutely no inclination to sample any of it myself.  Though I did, at one point, have to ask one of my postdocs how old he was when I caught him carefully picking agar jellies off the cake and leaving the cake…

Lunch today – after healthy yoga! – was leftover lentilly chilli from last night.  There is no photographic evidence of this.  It was that sort of day.

Dinner was more leftovers – this time the chicken tagine from Saturday, with red rice to accompany it, just for a change.  And the last of the zucchini salad thing.

6 dinner

And maybe a margarita avocado shot to wash it all down.  Hey, I didn’t say I was off sugar for life…

6 dessert


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