Pantry challenge day 2

I have to say, today was probably not the most inspiring day, pantry-wise.  Partly, that’s because it’s a Thursday, which means I get home late, which in turn means that I tend to plan the meal early in the week and make it ahead.  Which is another way of saying that yes, I did buy pasta yesterday specifically for this dish, but only because I had already bought the other ingredients and planned it before I started this challenge, and it seemed more wasteful (and, I confess, more miserably exhausting) to change direction.  Since I’ll be in full pantry mode next week, this problem should not recur.

Then, of course, I’d arranged to meet a friend for lunch at a local pub.  The meeting fell through, but this still meant I wound up buying lunch, which I naturally forgot to photograph, because I always do forget to photograph things when I go out to eat.

So I’m afraid all you get today is breakfast and dinner photos.  Sorry about that.

Breakfast today was very simple – an English muffin with marmite on one half and sesame honey on the other.  (Yes, I’m a marmite girl.  No patriotic vegemite for me!)

breakfast 2

I do want to pause and acknowledge the wonder that is sesame honey, however.  I foolishly ordered a pack of six gourmet honeys last week (before I realised that I already had quite the honey collective lurking in my pantry), and this was one of those.  It’s gorgeous – it has all the good things about tahini without the bitterness, and, conversely, it’s a little less sweet than ordinary honey. This may be my new my favourite honey, in fact.  I need to figure out how to showcase it in a biscuit or something.


Lunch was the aforementioned pub meal.  Which was made more amusing by the fact that while my friend couldn’t make it due to a last minute meeting with her boss, most of said boss’s colleagues were also at the pub having lunch… having been stood up by my friend’s boss!  So really, he should have gone to lunch and made everyone happier.

Dinner was pasta shells stuffed with artichokes and with a ricotta sauce – the Smitten Kitchen strikes again!  It was absolutely amazing – very restauranty, though also rather rich.  And technically I *did* use up half a packet of artichokes from the freezer (my next frontier), so it was a little bit virtuous, at least.


To go with it, there was a random carrot salad, invented at the last minute to provide some freshness – the stuffed shells were amazing but also unbelievably rich.  The salad did include sultanas and sunflower seeds as well as a number


(also, it was wholly delicious, which is also something)(everything, really…)

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