Pantry Challenge Day 17 – in a mad rush as we anticipate EUROVISION!!!

Just a quick post today.  Which is OK, because my food wasn’t very exciting…

What am I saying?  It was amazingly, fabulously exciting, because at breakfast, we FINISHED THE GLUTEN-FREE FRUITBREAD!!!  I’m making Johanna’s overnight rhubarb focaccia for breakfast tomorrow to celebrate this.

six breakfast

Lunch was split pea soup with spiced cauliflower.  Remember that?  I’ve had at least one comment indicating that people are impressed because I cook fresh food every night.  Allow me to reassure you.  In fact, I cook fresh food more like four or five nights a week – which I realise is more than some, but less than others – and I overcater drastically so that I can stash things in the freezer for later meals.  Like this one.  Oh, and we do have takeaway sometimes, but given that I can’t bring myself to give up baking cakes all the time, my concession to healthy eating is to try to limit this…


Dinner, speaking of takeaway, was a pub meal with my lab colleauges – we’re celebrating exciting new papers published and new grants received, both of which are good things.  I was tempted by the parma – I’m always tempted by the parma – but since this weekend is going to be a positive carnival of horribly lurid and sweet desserts, I felt it was wisest to go with their rather excellent beetroot salad with roast pumpkin, fresh ricotta, and halloumi (Naughtons has moved up in the world since my undergraduate days).  Which was, as always, gorgeous.

3 dinner

Oh, and stop press – we weren’t going to have dessert, because our original Eurovision party guest couldn’t make it, but we’ve just acquired two more, so it’s ON!  And just the right number of people for trying out that chocolate and chilli pasta I bought at the market a few weeks ago.  Served with berry sauce and grated white chocolate, of course…

(you’ll have to wait until later for the photo – I have Eurovision to watch now!)

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