Pantry challenge day 15 – the halfway mark, and cross-dressing Ken returns!

Well, pretty much.  Technically, the halfway point is midday tomorrow, at which point I will be eating leftovers from yesterday, so effectively, half the cooking has been done, anyway.

I must admit, I’m getting nervous about my cake-making supplies.  I am almost entirely out of cocoa now (though since I still have spiced cocoa, raw cacao, cocoa nibs and cocoa butter, not to mention chocolate, I am probably just fine).  I’m also getting quite low on sugar – I’ve broached my spare self-raising flour and my spare brown sugar, and am completely out of caster sugar and plain cake flour.  I’m getting low on white sugar, too, though I still have a fair bit of icing sugar.  I also have honey, of course, and agave nectar, though I’m all out of maple syrup and golden syrup and am virtually out of treacle.  With Eurovision and a fundraising morning tea coming up in the next week or so, I’m going to have to be quite creative.  Fortunately, my copy of Practically Raw Desserts arrived today, so if I have enough nuts, I should be fine…

The pasta, rice and couscous situation is still healthy, probably because I bought all that fresh pasta last market, which may, in retrospect, have been cheating, and I really could stand to eat more legumes and experiment a bit more with barley.  Though I’m making progress on both.  It’s definitely time to use some lentils, anyway – I have at least two packets of puy lentils, and so far I haven’t touched them.

Breakfast was once again the gluten-free fruitbread.  I’m beginning to think I should have halved the recipe… It’s quite good, but we are both getting tired of it.

1 brekky

Lunch today was leftover gnocchi from Monday night.  And I even remembered to photograph it!

1 lunch

Dinner was very early today, due to the fact that my friend Anna had her official book publication date today!  Yay, Anna!  This was obviously an occasion which called for cake, and since her hero spends a significant chunk of the book dressed as a woman, there really only was one possible cake that I could make…


Ken is wearing a cake composed of self-raising flour, cocoa, eggs, butter, orange juice, brown sugar and probably a few other things I’ve forgotten, accessorised with white chocolate ganache and fondant, as well as quite a bit of food colouring etc.  I must admit, I bought the fondant though it technically counts as a pantry item, on the grounds that not even professional cake decorators and confectioners make this from scratch, and it just isn’t the sort of thing I keep in my pantry.  I could have decorated this cake without it, but it wouldn’t have been quite so gorgeous…


Ken, incidentally, is having a very busy week, because in addition to his gig at Anna’s book launch, he also intends to make an appearance at Eurovision.  Because Eurovision is just fabulous, and so is he.

So yes, there was cake at proper dinner time, which meant onion soup for an early supper, served with toasted bread and cheese.  And it was more than sufficient.

1 dinner


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  1. filkferengi
    May 17, 2013 at 12:05 am

    Cross-Dressing Ken has returned! Squee and extra flail! \o/

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