Pantry challenge day 14: when planning pays off…

I was sick today.  (Not because of the sorrel, you’ll be glad to know – just the usual monthly vileness.)

So breakfast was dried apples and dry biscotti with fennel seed – my standard minimum for medicine that must be taken after a meal on an occasion when the last thing one wants to do is eat.  And then I went back to bed.

7 brekkie

Lunch, since I was at home, was my favourite no-brain lunch thing: an omelette, chopped capsicum, cucumber and tomatoes, and a few boiled potatoes with cheese.  This is especially nice when I’m not feeling up to much, because in the first place it counts as comfort food (I love both eggs and potatoes), and in the second place, one can make the salad early, and have the potatoes ready to go, and then go and have a nap before making the omelette.  And omelettes only require a minute to cook.  And did I mention that I really love eggs and potatoes?  Because I really, really do.  Yum.

7 lunch

Dinner, on the other hand, was entirely baroque.  You see, about a week ago, I discovered a yen for Indian food.  I’m not very good at Indian food, because I don’t make it very often, so I’d planned a little feast for last night – chicken marinated with tandoori masala and yoghurt and lemon, and eggplants with a spicy filling that involved dried chillis, cashewscoriander seeds ginger, onion, garlic, coconut, brown sugar, and tamarind paste, among other things.  Except that the chicken wouldn’t de-frost on time, so we had gnocchi instead.

But while the gnocchi was cooking, I *did* make the stuffing and sauce for the eggplants, and I *did* make the marinade for the chicken, so that all I had to do this morning was put the chicken in the marinade, and all I had to do this evening was bake everything and cook some basmati rice to go with it (I considered black or red rice, but decided to be conventional, and also to save some of the weird stuff for the end of the challenge).

7 dinner

The chicken, incidentally, was wonderful.  The eggplants… well, they made Andrew happy alright, but even reducing the number of chillis from 4 to 2 was a bit much for me.  My eyes watered.  My nose ran.  My face went red.  It was so hot that I wound up pulling off my long-sleeved top and finishing the meal wearing just a bra and a skirt.  I’m still far too hot, actually.  But my sinuses are very, very clear, and I’m guessing my circulation is working just fine! And it was very nice not to have to cook… (I did like the flavours, as far as they could be discerned under all that heat, but my, there was a lot of heat…)


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