Pantry challenge day 13 – when making gluten-free bread suddenly seems practical

No, really, I haven’t quite gone over the edge here.  Or at least, no more over the edge than is implied by my current determination to make all our bread.  But the thing is, there I was last night, and we’d just got home, and it was after 6:00, and I still needed to make bread.  But bread needs time to rise.  Twice.  And it was cold, which meant *hours* of rising.

And there I was with a whole bunch of gluten-free flours and a gluten-free and vegan breadmaking book that specifically said that the last thing you want to let a yeasted gluten-free bread do is rise.  You want to get it into the oven as soon as possible!


So I went delving in the pantry for chia seeds and chickpea flour and rice flour and potato starch and almond meal and xantham gum and, in all honesty, I can’t actually remember all the ingredients off-hand.  And then I decided that this very wholemeal-looking bread needed dried apricots and dried figs and sultanas, not to mention a whole lot of spices.  And honey, of course.  And olive oil.

It’s not the prettiest bread I’ve made, and it’s quite dense and chewy and crusty.  I happen to like that, especially in toast; Andrew is less convinced.  The flavour is lovely – the chickpeas give it a pleasingly nutty, wholemeal sort of taste, which goes well with the fruit and spices.  Good for breakfast with butter.  And very filling!

six breakfast

But not quite recipe material – yet.  While I did cross three recipes in that book and then change some of the flours to match what I had in the pantry, I feel I might be able to do a better job if I at least paid lip service to one of the recipes before totally annihilating it.  So you’ll get that recipe another time.

Lunch was leftover barley risotto from yesterday evening.  Since I’m still not dead, I’m going to assume the sorrel isn’t as poisonous as all that (I got a nasty shock when I went to look up some information about it – after dinner! – and learned that it is toxic in large quantities.  Though the quantities in question are apparently very, very large, so we’re fine.

5 dinner

Dinner tonight was nettle gnocchi with capsicums, onions and tomatoes, and a parmesan and breadcrumb topping.  Technically, it didn’t use tinned tomatoes, but since it did use a tomato sauce from the fridge section of the supermarket, I am counting it as the third of my five tins.  That’s OK – I’m nearly halfway through the month; I can bridle my tomato addiction.

6 dinner

Dessert – finally! – was the luscious quince and apple pie from the pie lady at the market.  And it was worth waiting for, oh yes it was… The pastry has a lovely, almost wholemeal flavour to it and the filling is not too sweet, but bursting with flavour.  Just gorgeous.

6 dessert

And now I’m going to go finish making the curry paste to go in tomorrow’s eggplant dish.  Curries are rather good for pantry challenges, I find – all those nuts and spices, and of course they are served over rice or with dal… or both…


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